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Linkshell Rules

Post  Erva on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:31 am

Linkshell Rules

First things first:

Wraiths is a family-style Endgame Linkshell, requiring members to attend events. Joining us means you agree to having Wraiths as your ONLY linkshell which means you have to drop all other pearls you have, Wraiths is gonna be your social Linkshell as well. Events are of the upmost importance, if you are online and it's event time, you will be expected to take part. If for whatever reason you can't attend, please inform a linkshell leader and the reason for your absence. We are "social" as well since we are a family. Anything that will hurt our family social circle is not acceptable. No drama in linkshell, Respect each other, Trust each other, Help each other, that is how we play together in Wraiths.

It would be nice if you can help others when they need help, but you do not have responsibility to do it. We help each other because we treat everyone in linkshell as friends. We hope you will be one of our friends too.

We have different lot rules for each event. Please choose which events you want to do when you apply and read the rules. Please choose at least 2 events you want to do. And even you do not do some of events we do with us, you still need to avoid join/attend those events in other linkshells.

While attending events you are expected to follow instructions of the event organizer. This is to insure everyone is on the same page and pace. If found not following the instructions I.E: Melee'ing a mob when told not to or lotting an item you are not allowed to lot or not willing to gear up the job the organizer called. You will be warned. If any same or similar event happens again we'll give you another chance and explain to you what you are doing wrong. If a third time of a same or similar event occurs we will remove your linkshell pearl and you will be separated from the Linkshell. This is due to you not being able to follow instructions given in a timely manner and it will be conveyed as lack of respect for Linkshell rules/regulations.

If you have any suggestions, please talk to the event organizer AFTER the event. Leaders/Event organizers make events for the linkshell as a whole so please respect their strategy because they put a lot of effort into it. It isn't a requirement that you be fluent in the events we do. As long as you are enthusiastic and willing to contribute, you will learn and become more experienced and a better player. Complaining about lotting rules or about who obtains what, is frowned upon. 90% of the effort to recieve the item you want is being on time and ready to go. So it's simple right? On time, right gear, right job, and good attitude are simple and easy steps that go a long way. Friendship is always more important than item you've had your eye on. It will always be there. A friend that's pushed away over loot/equip wont be there. Wraiths is very efficient on getting what people want. It is a matter of patience and time. The leader will all know who wants what and will keep that in mind when we schedule events.
Everyone in our group is important. Retiring jobs randomly is not allowed. It will be considered as you not caring about wether you can help in an event or not, and that you do not care about our family at all. The same applies to refusing job call, it is not acceptable. If you really want to stop playing a job, make sure you have another same-style job that you can use as well. As an example, Talc wants to stop playing RDM for a bit, but he has WHM lvled and well geared too, in that case it works out. You still need to confirm about it with Leaders. No matter what event, if you stop coming after you get your stuff done, you will not be welcomed to linkshell anymore.

Having a new life schedule or taking a break from endgame events is understandable. If you will not able to be online for weeks, please inform a leader, so we can tell others when they miss you. If you want to leave linkshell for any reason, please inform Ceorl and let Ceorl to break your pearl instead of toss it out. We will not blame you because you want to leave linkshell, so no need to hide, you are our friends once you join us, and you will always be our friends even when you have to leave.If you didn't inform others about you have to absence more than three weeks, we will keep your points/attendance one more months since you disappeared.

Events Currently we do:

HNM. (You do not need any mission done or any experience to start this one.)
Sea . (Requires CoP 8-2 done.)
Limbus . (Requires CoP 7-5 done.)
Sky . (Requires ZM 13 done.)
Abyssea . (Requires abyssea.)
Random events . (VNM,ZNM,Sea,KSNM,Random NM hunting.)
As of right now, points are not awarded for random events. Anyone can organize and lead a random event. In your post, you should explain the peritinent details of the event, including a decription lot rules,gil splitting,etc. And once you get enough people you may also inform Erva to mark the schedule on the Calendar . Please post your topic HERE.
Also,if you need help with clearing mission or quests but don't know how to lead it, post a topic in "Wraiths Members Area" to see if others need it as well. Don't be shy! If more than three members need help, a leader will find time to organize and schedule the event.We will try to bring everyone who need it when we organize the random event if possible. Nobody will be left behind is our linkshell spirit.

Event Time:

The Calendar list will be marked before events. Check it on the website's head bars, or by clicking the topic called "Wraith schedule" in Events Category.

Current run times(in EST):

HNM run time will be random, we do HNMs every day and night, if HNM window is during Sky/Limbus/Abyssea event time, we will camp HNMs first, and do other event at other time later.


Abyssea run time usually starts from Afternoon or Night in EST. If no HNM window is close, Gather 8:00 PM.EST Monday till Saturday. and Gather at 5 PM EST at Sunday.

Random events run time:
Please check Calendar list for random events run time. It will be marked once the event has been decided.

Gather Locations:

Limbus : Port Jeuno.
Sky : Despot camp which is at Ru' Aun Gardens (H-9).
Abyssea : Port Jeuno

Ceorl : Linkshell Leader Main Events organizer
Erva Linkshell website AdminPersonnel Supervisor
Dreamless Back up event organizer Recruiter
Destinn Back up event organizer Recruiter
Sealtiel Back up event organizer Recruiter
Bleube Back up event organizer Forum moderator
Memeowred Forum moderator personnel officer

Lot rules:

HNM rules

We will record attendance for every HNM run. Leaders will call job for it. Jobs you will possibly be on are depending on our team. If you camp the HNM full time with us till the end, you will get full attendance of the run. You will still get attendance if you will not be able to camp untill the NM pops, your attendance of the run will depends on how long you were camping it before you have to log off. Ceorl or one of our sack holders will call drops, it's depending on the total attendance of all HNMs. If two members have same attendance, it will depends on the total attendance of all events linkshell does. If still same attendance, the member who is been coming to events as the job that can equip it more often will get it first. In the other word, more contribution to linkshell means more priority.
If you got any HNM's ToD that we don't have yet during time that we do not have events, you will get extra attendance. Please inform one of our leaders if so.
If you got drops from HNMs, and another drop you are willing to get drops again, Leaders will let members who got less drops to get it first.
In your application, it shows your main job and the jobs you want to play more often, leaders are always keep what everyone in linkshell need or probably will need in the future in mind and will consider it for everyone.

Limbus rules

We are using points systeam for Limbus.You will receive a total of 3 points for Gods fight event or a total of 4 points for farming event. One point for being on time on the Gather Locations. One point for being focused during the event. One point for staying until the end of the event. And another one point for attending farming run.
According to your above level 75 jobs you have and been using, you will be able to lot gears that the jobs can equip. The person who has the highest points lot first. You can check "Points for gears" by clicking the topic name under Application > Linkshell rules list. To check your current points check "Points" in website's head bars.
Important: Away long time will be considered as being late to the event. Leaders will not be able to pick you up if we are already in farming camps or NM camps because it takes too long.
HERE is all pictures of rewards you can get from Limbus.

Abyssea lot rules

Abyssea run time will be at least three hours. Please save at least 4 stones or 120 minutes for each event.You will receive attendance for each Abyssea event. Every detail of every abyssea event will be marked, including how long you've been in abyssea with allance, how long you AFK during event, if you come late or leave early etc etc. "Ninjia AFK" or AFK too long will be considered as you didn't join the event and will cause a warning if it's the first time. So please focus during event, if you need to AFK, make sure you tell leaders in /linkshell or by /tell and await a leader's confirmation before you AFK. Abyssea lot order is depending on attendance and leaders decision. If attendace is same or very close to others and your main job in equipment wishlist and AF3 item list is the most helpful jobs for Linkshell events (like loyal tank loyal back-line job), linkshell will consider your main job first. If you do not join key item farming events, you will not be able to lot any drops from NMs that poped with key items linkshell got. Once you got your main job geared up, you are expected to help get other people's equipments too. Once again, if you stop coming after you get your stuff done, you will not be welcomed to linkshell anymore.

Equipment lot rules: Please set a Level 80+ job as a Main job and post a reply HERE to set your Abyssea equipment wishlist. The first main job you set in equipment wishlist is the job you want to gear up first, therefore it will automatically be considered as your AF3 main job also unless you want to set another main job for AF3 (see blow). Make sure you read the IMPORTANT NOTES at top of the topic before you reply it.

You can update one piece a week for your wishlist. You can also change your main job. But in doing so, you will initially be limited with only being able to update one piece per week for your wishlist. At first, you can set only one piece in your wishlist after changing your main job, and then set a second piece on the second week after said change and so on. You will be able to lot equipments that your main job can equip. The person who has the Main job set and has highest attendance will be able to lot first. Basically, if nobody set the re/ex equipment in wishlist, the person who set the main job that can equip it will lot first.

You will need to attend 5 Abyssea events before you lot saleable equipments. Only a person who set the corresponding main job and the equipment in wishlist will be able to lot saleable equipments. You can lot only one saleable equipment in a single run. Selling equipments that you obtained from linkshell is not allowed. We are doing event for getting linkshell members better gears to build a more powerful group, not for profit. Leaders will ask you to show your saleable equipments you obtained from linkshell regularly. We will appreciate your comprehension and cooperation.

AF3 items lot rules: AF3 items including AF3 +1 Seals and AF3 +2 items. Your first main job in Abyssea equipment wishlist will be considered as your AF3 main job unless you are willing to set another main job for AF3 items specifically. Please choose most used job in event to gear up first. Click HERE to set your main job of AF3. If multiple members have same attendance level, people who have the AF3 +1 pieces completed already have priority to lot AF3 +2 items first. You can update your main job of AF3 items after your first job AF3 set is done, but leaders will consider people who are still working on their first job of AF3 items as having more priority first when we plan events.

Abyssea lot rules will be adjusted after next update.

About Linkshell Bank:

Gil that comes from selling "money drops" and gil from items sold to buyers will go to Linkshell Bank. Linkshell Bank will pay for pop items and enter fee etc. If we do events for Gil, we will split, split rules will announced before the event.

How to get extra gil:

If you find buyers who are interested in buying gears that drop from sky Gods limbus bosses Abyssea NMs or HNMs, you will be paid 10% of the gear's selling price after the deal is made. Please talk to Ceorl first when you get a buyer. We will only sell gear that no linkshell members want or for which they don't meet the lotting requirements. Please check Linkshell Bazaar to see what gears are available and for what prices.


Linkshell Leadership reserves the right of final interpretation of linkshell rules. We promise to be responsive to your complaints and suggestions if you convey them respectfully.

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